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Our Company - Our Team meet the digital dog team

Smart, experienced, dedicated and fun. Those are only a few of the words that apply to everyone at Digital Dog. Beyond those general descriptions, we're a varied group.

We're young; we're veterans.
We're left-brained; we're right-brained.
Some of us are raising puppies; others are raising children. We're all a part of raising the standards of quality work on the Internet.

We're programmers, designers, strategists, visionaries and leaders - all cooperating to benefit our clients.

We're introverts and extroverts who love working together. Our team hails from all over the United States, plus another country or two. We've been marketing pros, graphic and web designers, music promoters, programmers and networkers, bankers, writers and editors, teachers, health-care givers, candy-bag fillers, and a slew of other things that lend color and wisdom to our powerful mix of smart, dedicated people.

In our personal lives we're musicians, writers, parents, chefs, homeowners, apartment-dwellers, travelers, artists, families, friends, and volunteers - as well as still being programmers, designers, strategists and leaders. Our skills are rooted deeply in our lives so they're in constant use in and out of the office.

We're the team you want - for your project or your career.


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