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The SiteDoc deployment for NFSMI features:
  • A feature-rich user registration & management system
  • Navigation creation & management
  • Management of contact lists
  • Creation and management of photo galleries
  • A calendar of events
National Food Services Management Institute at University of Mississippi

The National Food Services Management Institute at the University of Mississippi provides a wide range of resources to food services agencies all over the United States and was started by an act of the U.S Congress.

This 4,000+ hour project completed over a one year period involved a wide range of services by our team, including .NET programming, multimedia/streaming media creation and programming, strategic planning, client training and other related services.

Components were developed and deployed to update the way their large library of online assets (videos, PDFs, Word documents, HTML pages, etc.) to improve usability and the way the documents were retrieved and stored. Unique features like allowing each online user to have their own unique document library were also built into this advanced system.

The content and related online assets are managed by NFSMI staff via a customized version of our SiteDoc Content Management System which was tailored to NFSMI’s unique organizational and resources structure.

As a part of the project, a course building software module was also developed to allow NFSMI and their partners and advanced set of online tools to enable them to build and manage online course creation, management and registration.

Digital Dog Inc. continues to provide upgrades and technical support via dedicated in-house software development and technology team.


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