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Vanderbilt Children's Hospital

This site has won numerous major national awards, including The Standard of Excellence Award for website development from the Web Marketing Association. The award says this site represents “the standard of excellence for which all web sites should strive."

This award-winning site is built and powered by our SiteDoc Content Management System. The site now has thousands of pages, created by dozens of departments and contributors. All use our feature-rich CMS that seamlessly automates the process of building and updating large websites like this one. This browser-based system empowers Vanderbilt with an anytime-anywhere authoring, management, publishing and retrieval system to manage their ever-growing website and list of contributors.

No special HTML programming experience is required ensuring that nearly anyone who knows how to use a computer can be building and publishing web site pages in minutes, reducing training requirements and overall site maintenance costs. The SiteDoc system is completely password protected to ensure data integrity and security and was installed and implemented by our team on Vanderbilt University servers.


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